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Pharmcle was founded in 1989.

We provide products and services in the field of hygiene for living, such as insecticides and sanitizers.

Headquartered in Korea, we are expanding our global offices including those in Japan and the Philippines.

Business area

  • Research develop &
    produce of products

  • Smart pest
    control service

Research, development,
and production of the best products

We operate an R&D center for researching and developing various products in the field of pest control.

From our ant-granule, which ranked number one in Korea’s ant market,

to the development of foam type spray and pest repellants, we continue to take on new challenges and develop new products.

With 30 years of experience and accumulated know-how, we manufacture our products through strict quality control using high quality raw materials.

Smart Pest Control Service

We satisfy our customers by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to investigate the underlying causes of pests and effectively eliminate them.

Using ZAPS Remote Management System (RMS), we digitally manage our clients’ insect traps and provide Big Data based solutions.

This ensures customers are provided with efficient services.

We have expertise in termites. Through this knowledge we are working to preserve cultural heritage assets.

We hope that these activities will help to hand down cultural heritage assets to the next generation.

Pharmcle’s “ZAPS” brand

Pharmcle's “ZAPS” brand means both
“to catch” in Korean (zapda), as well as “to zap” in English,
which expresses our swift and efficient pest control.