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We make safe environments with science and
lead with technology.

The answer to a clean living – ZAPS

Feeling safe today Using safe scientific methods
thanks to research on harmful insects and viruses

ZAPS was created based on the research and technical
prowess of Korea’s first biocide R&D center where Pharmcle’s talented individuals work together.

As ZAPS’ brand value is safe science, we are constantly doing our best to understand
the fundamental problems of harmful organisms such as insects and viruses, and to find a scientific
and accurate answer to the problems.

Endless technology Understanding the tastes of insects as well as
consumers’ hearts

We strive to develop a friendly brand image that goes a step further
than the heavy image conventionally associated with pesticides
and bactericides by offering an outstanding product quality as well as stylish designs.

ZAPS has always focused on how consumers can solve problems
generated by harmful insects and germs, such as allergies and epidemics.

Based on the technology we accumulated over the last 30 years,
we will always take a step closer to consumers. We constantly think that our family will be
using the products we make.

Leading the future From products chosen by experts to preservation of
traditional assets,

Pharmcle, the company manufacturing ZAPS’ products, is the No.1 supplier
in the national supply market of pesticides, anti-bacterial products, and biocides.
It is also playing a significant role in the scientific preservation process to prolong
the life of our traditional heritage and assets.

Furthermore, being the brand chosen by Korea’s best pest control experts,
ZAPS’ products are widely used at restaurants, hotels, resorts,
buildings and airports as well as various retail channels.