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ZAPS Ant-Dual
Product features

Active ingredient: Hydramethylnon 1.0%

Effects: Ant killer

Content description: A yellow liquid and brown granules with an unusual odor contained in a misidentification prevention container

Package unit: (Liquid 1 g + Granule 1 g) x 6 units

Strong points

1. ZAPS Ant-Dual catches all ants regardless of the species!

There are two types of ants that you can easily find in your house: one that likes type of food like granule, and one that likes liquid types of food. If you are not sure which type of ants you found in your house, install our ZAPS Ant-Dual that contains both types of bait!

2. It kills even the queen ant

The queen ant that does not come outside needs to be eradicated to prevent further reproduction. Using the worker ants’ habit of sharing food inside the nest, we eradicate worker ants and then the queen ant thanks to a series reaction.

3. Eradication with refined granule

ZAPS Ant-Dual does not need a container or a dispenser. You simply need to place the product in the ants’ way. The product is in granule and liquid forms, which are easy for ants to carry. The plastic container also protects the contents from external exposure or contamination.

4. Monitoring traps to catch insects once and for all

The toxic bait is contained in a transparent container for you to visually monitor how the quantity decreases. It also helps you to identify the nest for an easy eradication process. 

Use & Control

Attach the trap using the double-sided tape on areas where ants are frequently discovered. For outdoor areas, install the trap near the garden or pots.

Step 1 Cut with scissors up to the “X” mark. Attach the enclosed double-sided tape on the back.

Step 2 Attach the traps on the wall, floor, the gap between the door, and the gap between the windows where you see ants.

!! Do not use the product together with pesticide sprays!!

Using toxic sprays chases ants away, making it difficult to lure the ants to the bait. 

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