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ZAPS Roach-Dual
Product features

Active ingredient: Hydramethylnon 1.8%

Effects: Relief from cockroaches

Contents description: Light brown lump contained in a misidentification prevention container

Package unit: (1.5g+1.5g) x 6 units

Strong points

1. From their dietary taste to characteristics, we know all about them

Grown cockroaches prefer food that is high in carbohydrates, and cockroach larvae tend to prefer food that is high in protein. ZAPS Roach-Dual contains both carbohydrates and proteins loved by grown and larva cockroaches. 

2. Unique smart design of ZAPS Roach-Dual

A transparent red case through which you can monitor the contamination of the bait and the amount. A broad passageway and staircase for cockroaches to enter easily, with small holes like windows designed to lure cockroaches easily using the smell of food. We constantly research new ways to catch cockroaches more efficiently.

3. Killing cockroaches with a successive eradication method 

Other cockroaches die by eating cockroaches killed by ZAPS Roach-Dual.

Use & Control

Remove the tape behind ZAPS Roach-Dual, and place it in the areas where cockroaches are often observed. If they are observed frequently, place two baits.

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