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ZAPS Roach-Gel-Ultra 35g
Product features

Active ingredient: Hydramethylnon 2.0%

Effects: Relief from cockroaches

Contents description: Light brown gel

Package unit: Gel 35g / syringe

Strong points

1. Recipe favored by cockroaches

Effective cockroach drugs must taste good to cockroaches. ZAPS Roach-Gel-Ultra is made with the ZAPS recipe that appeals to cockroaches’ taste, found as a result of a long research know-how unique to ZAPS.

2. Stronger attraction effect with special processing that enhances the strength by two to three times than conventional traps

ZAPS Roach-Gel-Ultra is made with a special prescription of ZAPS, and boasts a strong and excellent effect.

3. Killing cockroaches with a successive eradication method

Other cockroaches die by eating cockroaches killed by ZAPS Roach-Gel-Ultra.

4. One trap for total eradication – economical use

Just a small amount can create certain and fast insect eradication effects. It can be used for a long time until cockroaches disappear.

Use & Control

Dispense ZAPS Roach-Gel-Ultra in small amounts depending on the size of cockroaches, maintaining intervals of about 30-50cm.

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