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ZAPS WhitefencePlus
Product features

Active ingredient: Pral 0.17%, D-T-80- Cyphenothrin 0.255%

Effects: Relief from cockroaches and ants

Contents description: Clear light brown liquid charged in a pressurized container
Package unit: Aerosol 400mL / can

Strong points

1. Catch instantly when the foam comes into contact! Foam-type insecticide

As it is dispensed in the form of foam, it can prevent the contents from being dispersed in the air, ensuring that the foam only is applied to areas of need. The foam disappears in ten minutes. It can be used on other crawling insects.

2. Outstanding residual effects that last for two weeks

Although the foam disappears on the area of application, the effect still remains for around two weeks.

+ Killing hidden cockroaches

When you dispense ZAPS WhitefencePlus around the area where cockroaches pass, the insecticide takes effect after contaminating cockroaches’ legs.

+ Blocking the entrance from the outside

Spray the product in sewage pipes and spaces between windows and doors to prevent insects from entering your house for two weeks.

3. Insect-free outdoor activities

ZAPS WhitefencePlus is useful in outdoor activities. Dispense the foam around your camping site and picnic spots to prevent insects from interfering with your activities.

4. Clean killing with a foam trap

Apply the product on cockroaches, bury them in the foam and they will die there. Once the cockroach is dead, simply pick it up with tissue for easy clean-up. 

Use & Control

Shake the product up and down, and apply directly on insects or around the vulnerable areas in strips. 

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