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ZAPS Disinfectant-Anicare
Product features

Active ingredient: Integrated Level 4 ammonium 10%, citric acid 20%

Effects: Disinfection and sterilization of pathogens sensitive to the subject. Cleansing and sterilization of the surface of cattle sheds, cattle farms, vehicles and equipment.

Dimension/Package Unit: 1L / container (12EA / BOX)

Strong points

1. The effect of diluted liquid lasts for a long time (seven days)

2. Easy to store and handle.

Use & Control

​Where to use

1. Entrance control center for farms vulnerable to epidemics.

2. Diseased domestic animals or vets. Facilities and clothes exposed to diseased domestic animals and so on.

3. Cattle sheds, managing sheds, storage, excrement handling facilities, sewage, surrounding roads and other places vulnerable to contamination.

4. Cattle excrement or the processing facility.

5. Vehicles, animal husbandry materials and equipment, etc.

6. Sterilizing sanitary aids for animals, not for prevention of human infection.

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