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ZAPS M-Trap-Pro
Product features

Lamp: UV LED(20W) / LED(24W)

Power: AC 220V, 60HZ, 110W

Dimension/Package Unit: 220*850(mm) / 1 Unit / BOX

Effects: Physical relief of harmful insects (mosquitoes, midgets and so on)

Installation area: Install at parks, attractions, roadside, playground, pension and riverside, etc. 

Strong points

1. Using a special UV LED Lamp
By adopting a UV LED lamp, it extends the effective arrival distance of wavelength compare to the existing product, making it easy to induce harmful insects at a long range.

2. Durability authorized by tight IPX4 waterproof
Thanks to the use of double-strengthen acrylic resistant to changes in temperature and moisture as well as the perfect design without trivial troubles to expand the life span of the product, it succeeded to get authorization of IPX4.

3. 270° open air let
While the existing product induces from 360°, a 270 ° front opening is additionally added, increasing the air inflow. This new trap is additionally equipment with a pressure fan to easily sucking big disgusting pest including mayflies into it.

4. Self-cleaning function
As the inside of the front opening of the lamp is equipped with a 360° rotating wiper, it’s insect-0capturing function is not affected even though webs, dusts or large winged insects are stuck in it. It also has a smart function for which the motor is designed to rotate in the opposite direction if foreign substances are piled too much to cause overload.

Mechanism of extermination

1. Inducement: ZAPS M-Trap-Pro induces mosquitoes, oriental mayflies and other winged harmful and disgusting insects by using a UV LED.
2. Capturing: When mosquitoes or large flying pests and disgusting insects comes in through the 270° frontal opening located in the middle of ZAPS M-Trap-Pro, the top motor pushes them down while the bottom motor pulls them down, helping ZAPS M-Trap-Pro.
3. Crushing: A the bottom motor rotates, an impeller mounted on it also revolves, preventing the secondary damage by crushing captured insects so that they cannot fly and get out of the trap.
4. Discharging: Crushed insects are discharged through the bottom of ZAPS M-Trap-Pro, and 360° discharging is possible by turning a 90° outlet.

Use & Control

RMS (Remote Monitoring System) 

1. Real-time monitoring system
The location and operation of the insect trap can be displayed on the map
Easy identification of dysfunctional machinery
Prompt repair and inspection on the operational status
Compatible with mobile phones, tablet PCs, and other smart devices

2. The function of the monitoring system
The data value is transferred from the gateway installed in ZAPS M-Trap-Pro.
Low-energy long-term telecommunication LoRa network is used.
Transfer to mobile devices using the internet network.

3. Remote control (ON/OFF) function
Compatible with mobile phones, tablets, PCs and all other smart devices.

4. Management of insect traps using accumulated data
Automatic backup of the collected data
The operational status of the insect traps can be monitored according to the year and month
The replacement of dispensable components of insect traps can be anticipated 

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