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ZAPS Rodent-Block
Product features

Active ingredient: Flocoumafen 0.005% 

Effects: House mice relief (all-purpose anticoagulant rodenticide) 

Contents description: Blue, flat and oval solid 

Package unit: 100g / 500g

Strong points

1. Intoxicating without knowing

Mice have high wariness, and are therefore hard to catch. The product induces internal bleeding in mice, letting them die quietly in three to four days. Since they die slowly, other mice also eat ZAPS Rodent-Block without suspicion.

1) Mice readily consume the drug unknowingly. 

2) After consuming, the mice live normally, but weaken gradually. 

3) Internal bleeding begins to occur, and the mice die in three to ten days. Other mice will not sense why the other mice have died.

2. Anticoagulant rodenticide recommended by WHO 

The product is being used worldwide, and it is an anticoagulant rodenticide recommended by WHO.

3. Easy collection of the carcass: the mice die in the light 

After consuming ZAPS Rodent-Block, mice suffer from internal bleeding and slowly loses their vision. Later, the mice eventually lose their ability to recognize day and night. Mice which have consumed ZAPS Rodent-Block die in bright daylight, thus it is easy to find and collect their dead bodies, preventing decomposition.

4. Catching mice using food they flock to 

The product is highly addictive to mice as it contains rice and corn that they prefer. However, it contains toxic ingredients that they cannot detect.

5. Easy use for medicine and storage 

As the medicine is in tablet form, it is easy to dispense the amount in 3 tablets and 5 tablets. It is also easy to store.

Use & Control

1. Divide ZAPS Rodent-Block in 20g (around 5 tablets) for single use. Place the drug on the container.

2. Place the product around the area where mice are observed frequently.

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