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ZAPS Dust-Mite-Spray
Product features

Active ingredient: Clove leaf oil 0.63%

Effects: House dust mite relief and repellent

Contents description: Clear light brown liquid

Package unit: 250mL / plastic 

Strong points

1. Catching with dust mites with nature

As our skin is frequently in touch with our bedding, it is not easy to clean every day. Simply spray the natural dust mite repellant on the carpets and curtains which are also tricky to wash.

2. Catching allergic diseases

Skin problems that you do not know the cause of, chronic atopy skin problems, rhinitis, and asthma. The cause for your family’s allergic diseases may often be tiny dust mites invisible to our eyes. Freeing yourself from allergic diseases starts from eradication of dust mites.

3. Catching all with a long-lasting effect

The mite spray has great insecticide effectiveness and long-lasting effects. One spray kills 90% of mites, and the effect lasts for 15 days. In addition, the product’s potency is preserved up to three months after opening the product.

Use & Control

Place the spray 20cm away from the textile product, and apply the product until the surface is slightly wet. Tap or shake the textile product to remove the dead carcasses. 

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