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ZAPS Dust-Mite-Dual
Product features

Active ingredient: Clove leaf oil 0.63%

Effects: House mite relief and repellent

Area of application: Beds, couches, curtains, and car seats

Contents description: Clear light brown liquid

Unit package: Repellent spray 50mL (1 unit) + Protection pad (6 units)

Strong points

1. Two-step eradication and prevention

A two-step solution which eradicates and prevents house dust mites which cause allergic diseases such as rhinitis and asthma, and skin problems such as atopy

1) Spray the product on clothes and fabrics to eradicate 90% of mites.

2) Spray the product on the pad and store it with clothes (e.g. mattresses and wardrobes, etc). It prevents mites from reappearing for two weeks. (The pad can be used about three times)

2. Killing house dust mites through use of natural ingredients

Our mite spray that you directly spray on blankets, pillows, couches, and fabrics that come into contact with the skin is made of natural ingredients.

ZAPS Dust-Mite-Dual can be directly applied on fabrics thanks to its use of natural ingredients.

Clove oil contained in ZAPS Dust-Mite-Dual is a commonly used ingredient which is also found in Chinese digestive medicine. It offers great sterilizing and preservative effects, especially when used to kill insects.

3. Protecting your house against dust mites once and for all

Car seats, beds and blankets which easily and frequently absorb sweat are more vulnerable to dust mites. However, if you use our ‘pad’, you can experience a stronger prevention effect to fend off pesky dust mites.

4. Killing steadily with a long-lasting effect

Just a single spray kills more than 90% of mites, and the effect lasts for 15 days. The product can be used effectively up to three months after being opened.

Spray ZAPS Dust-Mite-Dual at least once in two weeks.

The drug’s effect lasts for about two weeks. Therefore, it is important to apply the product continuously.

Use & Control

1. Position the spray 20cm away from the fabric you want to apply the product on. Spray until the surface becomes slightly wet.

2. Tap or shake the fabric applied with the spray to remove mite carcasses.  

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