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ZAPS Mosquito-Aerosol
Product features

Active ingredient: D- Phenothrin 0.135%, Phenothrin (cis-trans isomer ratio 20:80) 0.243%

Effects: Clear insecticide for flies, mosquitos, and cockroaches (with added propellant)

Content description: Light brown liquid contained in a pressured aerosol container

Package unit: 500 mL / can

Strong points

1. Catch all house insects with ZAPS Mosquito-Aerosol

Put an end to your battles with annoying mosquitos, flies, and cockroaches! From the early summer until late autumn, you can catch all types of house insects with ZAPS Mosquito-Aerosol.

2. Stronger eradication of mosquitos with increased insecticide liquid

ZAPS Mosquito-Aerosol has a larger amount of insecticide substance compared to other products from our brand. The insecticide substance was shown to have a greater effect with only 0.01% of the amount through an insect eradication test.


3. Quince-extracted fragrance

The quince-extracted fragrance, which is also used in aromatherapy, helps consumers relax.

4. Easy and simply use whenever, wherever you go

A must-have item for your house throughout the four seasons which lasts longer with its 500 mL jumbo size.

Use & Control

Spray directly on insects or areas prone to be occupied by insects such as window panes, entrances, outdoor tents, etc.  

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