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ZAPS Mist-Guard
Product features

Active ingredient: Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate (IR3535®) 14.0%

Effects: Mosquito, and wild mite repellent

Content description: Aerosol containing clear or light milky liquid

Package unit: 100 mL / can

Strong points

1. Using Germany’s Merck’s IR3535® with its 350 years of experience

IR3535® is registered in the US EPA as an insecticidal composition. It was also introduced in the contingency plan for Zika virus proposed by the WHO and the CDC.

2. Catch safely with a low-toxic mist which is less abrasive to the skin

According to the skin irritation test, the substance was confirmed to be a low-toxic substance. It was also confirmed as a low-toxic substance after a genotoxicity test.

3. A reliable repellant composition used in baby lotions that can be used by all age groups

The original IR3535® substance developed by Merck is used in global lotion products. It is a reliable repellent that can be used by all age groups.

4. Protection against mosquito, longhorned ticks, and chiggers – all in one.

From mosquitos causing Zika virus and Japanese encephalitis virus to longhorned ticks that cause the SFTS virus with 30% or higher fatality rate to hairy mites that carry scrub typhus which is an infectious disease prevalent in fall, this ZAPS Mist-Guard liquid-type pest repellent kills all three outdoor harmful insects at once.

5. Problem-free outdoor activities with this protection against outdoor insects

The product can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnics in the park, and travelling. It can be also carried onto air carriers.

6. Fresh, non-sticky texture with fine particles

We improved the stickiness and unpleasant odor of DEET that was commonly found in conventional repellents. With its fine and mild particles, as well as its smooth application texture, this product does not leave a sticky feeling on your skin.

7. Excellent repellant effect

The product repels longhorned ticks in larva, nymph, and imago stages for up to 6 hours. The product repels mosquitos up to 4 hours when applied according to the recommended usage.

Use & Control

Hold the spray 10 to 20 cm away from your exposed skin, or shoes or clothes you would like to spray before or during outdoor activities. 

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