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ZAPS Ant-Gel 30g
Product features

Active ingredient: Hydramethylnon 1.0%

Effects: Ant killer

Content description: Sticky brown liquid

Package unit: Gel 30g / tube

Strong points

1. Drug customized for ghost ants that like the liquid type bait

ZAPS Ant-Gel 30g is customized to eradicate ghost ants, the type of ants found in human houses which like to eat liquid-type toxic baits. It is also effective for pharaoh ants, yellow crazy ants, black ants and amblyopones.

 2. Eradication of ants both inside and outside the house

 ZAPS Ant-Gel 30g can eradicate all types of ants from worker ants to queen ants both inside and outside. The ant killer is in a liquid form, which is preferred by new types of ants.

+ Matching the taste of ants – A liquid-form toxic bait which is also liked by new types of ants.

+ Catching economically – Only a droplet of ZAPS Ant-Gel - a liquid drug in a tube – is enough to eradicate ants.

+ Catching with a series reaction – Eradicates even queen ants by using the worker ants’ habit of sharing food.

3. Effective eradication regardless of the ant type!

 It can eradicate all types of ants including ghost ants, pharaoh ants, yellow crazy ants, black ants, and amblyopones, regardless of their size.


4. Hydramethylnon pesticides with 85% eradication effectiveness within 24 hours after their application

Hydramethylnon is a powerful insecticide effective in eradicating ants. Combined with effective luring of insects using their high food preference uniquely developed by ZAPS, the drug is delivered to queen ants for a total eradication of the ant colony.

Worker ants are attracted to the liquid bait, and carry it to the nest.-> The queen ant consumes the bait -> Series reaction-type eradication of the entire ant colony.

Use & Control

Simply apply in areas where ants are frequently observed including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor garden, and veranda.

Install one drop of the insecticide (0.2 g to 0.5 g) in every 1 m2 around the areas where ants are often observed.

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