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ZAPS Ant-Granule 6g
Product features

Active ingredient: Hydramethylnon 1.0%

Effects: Ant killer

Content description: Brown granule with a peculiar odor in a misidentification prevention container

Package unit: 1 g x 6 units  

Strong points

1. Drug specialized for pharaoh ants which like granule-type toxic baits

ZAPS Ant-granule 6g is customized for the eradication of pharaoh ants, the type of ants found in human houses which like to eat granule-type toxic baits. This product is also effective for red ants, and black ants.


2. Eradicating with a series reaction

What is eradication with a series reaction? It is a technic that eradicates both worker ants and queen ants using the worker ants’ habit of delivering food to queen ants. The queen ant that does not come outside needs to be eradicated so as to prevent further reproduction.

3. Catching like an ant expert

Step 1 Open one bait and place the granule in a number of spots.

(250g: Apply one tea spoon of the product every two meters around the area where ants are often observed)

Step 2 Monitor the spots where the pesticide was applied, and identify points where the bait was eaten the most.

Step 3 Reapply the drug around those points.

4. Monitoring the traps

Use a transparent case to monitor the effects of the ant bait.

!!Avoid these areas!!

Avoid wet surfaces when applying on the product on the floor. Ants cannot eat the granule if it is mixed with water.

Use & Control

Attach the trap using the double-sided tape on areas where ants are frequently discovered. For outdoor areas, install the trap near the garden or pots.

Step 1 Cut with scissors up to the “X” mark. Attach the enclosed double-sided tape on the back.

Step 2 Attach the traps on the wall, floor, the gap between the door, and the gap between the windows where you see ants.

!! Do not use the product together with pesticide sprays!!

Using toxic sprays chases ants away, making it difficult to lure the ants to the bait.

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